4 Reasons You Should Host An AARV Event In Your Area

A tangible and fun way to support veterans in your area!

AARV’s mission is to provide support and care to at-risk and homeless vets, and while we are veterans helping veterans make a difference today, we rely on the surrounding communities as an extension of our organization to help reach more vets.

Are you ready to get involved? AARV can help make it happen! Learn more about the reasons you should host an AARV event in your area in today’s post.

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Have You Noticed a Vet In Need In Your Area?

When you look around at the homeless population in your area, there is a good chance that a large majority of them are vets — 1 in 10 US homeless adults are a vet, which is why they need our help!

Whether you’re a local business or a resident that wants to lend a helping hand, partner with AARV to discuss the ways you can get involved and host an event.

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We Will Come To You!

Do you have a space for an AARV event? Perfect, we’ll come to you! AARV has the best volunteers, so we can rally the troops and set up in your area. From casino nights to concerts, let’s put something together for a successful charity event.

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Involve Your Community

Hosting an AARV event is the perfect way to involve your community in our important cause of helping and raising awareness of at-risk and homeless vets.

Let’s work together to create a community-based event that supports our vets!

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Immerse Yourself In A Purpose-Driven Experience

Nothing feels better than lending support and raising money for those who so bravely served and protected us. When you work with AARV, you see exactly where your funds are going and who they’re helping.

Everything that’s donated is turned around and poured straight back into at-risk and homeless vets.

Are you ready to make an impact and support the at-risk and homeless vets in your area? AARV is the perfect non-profit organization to partner with.

Host an event with AARV today!

Get Started!